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Gardens & Critters  
If you ask anyone about me they will tell you I love animals. I think I am up to my limit these days with
60 chickens/roosters
22 cats
7 ducks
5 mules
2 horses
3 rabbits
2 doves
2 Australian Shepherds
1 llama
Yep, do the math, over 100 animals. Suffice to say our veterinarians come to us for the critter checkups… twice a year or more often if necessary. Don't worry, all the cats and dogs are spayed and neutered. Our oldest cat is 19 and the youngest is 1. Remember, I have been doing this for a while.

Hangin in the sun with the critters!


Some of the Kitties...

Chickens in the yard

More Kitties!

My other passion is gardening. My mother taught me to garden, but my grandmother was my other inspiration. (Photo of Grandma in garden)

Growing up in Burlington , NC my mother and I put in a garden each year in our backyard. We used an old push plow to mark the rows after the man with the mule came to turn the garden each spring. I dropped in the seeds and she followed after me covering the seeds. That push plow made short work of row making, but the handles rotted and the blade rusted under the house while I was away at college. Last year I was excited to find a replica in a gardening catalog and have been using it ever since to make rows.

My garden is 60 x 100 which includes the critter areas. It is just the perfect truck garden size. I grow all sorts of vegetables and ornamental flowers which I often start from seeds in my greenhouse . What I don't can at the end of the summer, I gladly give away, as I do the many eggs I collect daily.

Well, I told you from the start that there is more than just clay at Pierson Pottery.


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